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About studioFLUX™:

David Jones

THOMAS MANN, an active participant in the Contemporary American Craft movement
brings his 40+ years of experience to bear
as an artist, gallery owner & teacher
through studioFLUX™.

Through studioFLUX™, Tom offers jewelry-making
DVDs & books, DIY jewelry making kits, tools & supplies. Workshops by Tom & other nationally recognized metal artists, attract students from near & far to study in this intimate workshop space surrounded
by high quality art & design
in one of the most interesting cities in the world.


If you need assistance in chosing accomodations,
please feel free to call 504-581-2111 or email market@thomasmann.com.










































































































































































































































































































































































Learn to Saw™
Demystifying the Jeweler's Saw with Thomas Mann
Thomas Mann delivers a succinct understanding of one of the
primary tools of metalsmithing and guarantees students will be
sawing like champs in under three hours. Students will be able to
saw precise designs out of everything from paper to steel and will leave with several finished charms and mini slot-sculptures
from the sawing experience.
3 hour class - $75 plus $15 kit fee. No skills necessary.
Beginner to Advanced.
*For the beginner, Learn to Saw is the first step in skill building.
Sawing know-how is required for many of our workshops. W
e try to offer it before each of our other workshops but if you do not see one scheduled that works for you, please consider purchasing Tom's sawing DVD
available in our online catalog.









FASTENation™ with Thomas Mann
A fascinating 4-hour journey into jewelry constructions
There are two basic ways things in the jewelry-making world (and the world in general) are connected and they are either HOT or COLD! Look closely at all of the objects in your environment and you'll eventually notice that some of the parts of things are joined using screws, staples, rivets, slots & tabs, etc.,— these are COLD connections. And some are joined by welding, brazing,
or soldering— these are HOT connections.
FASTENation! is a 4-hour workshop in which you'll be shown several COLD CONNECTING techniques commonly used in
jewelry or small object making,
and then you'll get to try them out for yourself.
Students will leave with a decorative charm and a new perspective on the way they view and appreciate handmade objects which is guaranteed to spark an interest in making their own.

4 hour class - $105 plus $20 kit fee.
Sawing skills preferred.








Idea to Object...


Similar to Learn to Saw in that through teaching hundreds of employees to solder over the past 40 years, Tom has developed a unique approach to the process and the teaching of soldering systems. This course introduces students to the equipment, materials, and chemical & engineering processes that will give them an understanding of the intricacies and methodologies that will turn them into expert soldering metasmiths.
2-day Workshop - $265 plus kit fee

Instructor provides all tools, supplies and materials kit.
Beginner to Advanced.
Note: This workshop requires close range vision capability.
Many of the skills you will be exposed to require visual acuity in the 3"-12" range. If you have close vision difficulty,
please experiment with solutions that will give you the ability to see clearly before you arrive to the workshop
For example an Optivisor or reading glasses.










SPIN IT! ™ with Thomas Mann
An Intensive Flexible Shaft Machine Workshop
Let Thomas Mann be the one to introduce you to the tool that wins the contest for the most VERSATILE tool on the metalsmith's workbench — The Flexible Shaft Machine. It also is one of the most INDISPENSIBLE tools that a serious artisan must master in order to MAKE at an elevated level, but one that jewelers rarely use to its maximum advantage. From burs to burnishers to bits, you'll learn the basics & also a few secrets that only Mann can bring to you from his 40+ years as a jewelry artist.
1-day Workshop - $185 plus $20 kit fee.
Beginner to Intermediate.
Sawing skills preferred.










FORGE IT! ™ with Thomas Mann
Forging Basicz: The Tools, The Techniques, The Potentials
Materials: Copper, Brass, Silver
Projects: Bangles, Cuffs & Chains

This is NOT smashing it, nope, and it's definitely
NOT hammering it, this is FORGING!
Let Thomas Mann give you an introduction to the way metal can move, not unlike clay, when specialized hammers
are applied strategically.

1-day Workshop - $185 plus $20 kit fee.
Beginner to Intermediate.
Sawing skills preferred.







Dive into the Beautiful, LIMITLESS, World of Metal Fabrication

Each of the days in this three-day series will focus on TRADITIONAL and INVENTIVE metalsmithing techniques and approaches.
The work produced will primarily be jewelry. Techniques will include sawing, forging, soldering, forming, cold connecting and stamping. There will be a strong emphasis on using recycled materials and metals and helpful advice on where to source these materials. Demonstrations will be ongoing and will help build the
student's personal narrative.

3-day Workshop - $310 plus kit fee

A La Carte 1-day Workshop - $140 plus kit fee
Instructor provides all tools, supplies and materials kit.
Beginner to Advanced.
Basic filing, sawing and soldering knowledge required.








Idea to Object...

Thomas Mann
423D™ - The Artist's Journey from "Idea to Object"

This workshop is about the process of creating — in this case, about creating jewelry. First, there is the idea — the mental vision of the object (which is 4th dimensional). Then there is a necessary step where the vision is transferred to paper as a drawing (two dimensionally). And finally the object is constructed in metal to create a three dimensional form...think / draw / make. You will have Tom's creative & technical experience to guide you as you make the journey from "idea to object".
Note: This workshop is geared for the intermediate metalsmithing student and must be queried on skill level before the workshop begins to enable Tom to adapt his instruction accordingly.
Skills practiced and explored will run the gamut!

1-Week Workshop Series - $500 plus kit fee
Comprised of three full day workshops and three 3-hour workshops with bench time available outside of instruction.
Basic metalsmithing knowledge required.
Intermediate to Advanced .





Come to studioFLUX...

Do you want to teach or study @ studioFLUX?
Email with suggestions for a workshop!
We would love to hear from you.