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Etched Natura Micarta Horned Rhino Brooch
(SKU: TMD/EN001-Rhino1)

From cave paintings to art jewelry, the rhinocerous captivates the imagination of animal lovers and artists alike. Tom is fundraising for World Wildlife Fund on behalf of endangered Rhinos. He learned of their plight while researching a special project for a collector of his One of a Kind jewelry. Rhinos— one of the oldest groups of mammals— are virtually living fossils and have been a source of inspiration for his artwork.



We will also be donating 15% from the sales of his Rhino brooches to this cause.


Acid etched nickle and hand carved micarta provide the details of this brooch.

Layers of carved black plexi and a nickle back with copper and silver rivets create depth and weight.

4" W x 3" H x 3/16" D 


First One of a Kind of 2019!

Signed & Hallmarked with the One of a Kind signature of Thomas Mann  



Price: $450.00