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Glow Sunburst Center Back View 2018 Limited Edition Valentine's Day Micarta Winged Heart Pin Pendants

2018 Limited Edition Micarta Winged Heart Container Pin Pendant
(SKU: LEN13)

This years Limited Edition Valentines Day piece is exponentially iconic Tom!

By hand carving the new pieces in his signature material, micarta, and also making it a container with yet more iconic Glow in the Dark bits, his retro (yet timeless) Winged Heart is soaring to new levels of Techno-Romance.


Chose from 2 designs - Glow Heart with Neon Red Resin or Glow Sunburst.
Glow Sunburst currently out of stock but can ordered.


Pin Measures 3" wide x 1 3/4" long. 

Sterling Silver Ball Chain 16.5" (retractable bales) 

Price: $415.00