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Brooch Detail - Sandy CALDER

Artist Hero Series Box - Sandy CALDER

To read the complete artist statement, view the PDF. Visit the FACEBOOK event page for info about its appearance at Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.
My Artist Heroes series is a collections of collage boxes inspired by key artists who have creatively influenced Thomas Mann over the years. 
Artist Hero Series Box with Removeable Brooch - Sandy CALDER    
You know...this guy is like the teddy bear artist for me and many many others. He’s the guy who dove into wireworld early on and transformed the way people think of this most common metal medium. He had a magnificent sense of humor and a delectable persona. He’d go to parties with a spool of wire and a pair of pliers and draw portraits in wire of party guests. Those wire drawings are now worth thousands of dollars and are treasured by the families who have them and pass them on from generation to generation. Yeah and some of them sell them off at auctions at Christies for the big bucks!
His CIRCUS was the real beginning of his wire explorations and the wire explorations led to his invention of the mobile and later the stabile. He was just a delightful hobbit artist that filled the world with his remarkable sculpture, drawings, prints and painting and has always been my idol. I saw a film of his CIRCUS which was made in 1961 in the early 70’s and was forever afterwards a fan of this guy too.
I had the unique experience, as a high school student, of visiting his Roxbury studio and home. He wasn’t there...he was at his other home in Saché, France, and my pal and I were just a couple of punk kids tryin’ to snoop around his place, but we got to see his studio. Later when one of the many books about him had been published I got to see more of the property in photographs. One of the many things that caught my eye was the kitchen of the farm complex that was Roxbury. They had a woodburning stove and he had made many of the kitchens cooking implements from wire and aluminum sheet. This really intrigued me as to how he had fabricated these delightful spoon and scoops and strainers, etc. So I set about figuring out how he had made them. Some of my efforts to duplicate his are presented in my gallery.
I don’t know of anyone else who has done this so I am hoping that my imitation of his cooking implement will be viewed as the truest form of homage’
Love you Sandy!

Price: $3,500.00