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Brooch Detail - Marcel DUCHAMP

Artist Hero Series Box - Marcel DUCHAMP

To read the complete artist statement, view the PDF. Visit the FACEBOOK event page for info about its appearance at Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.
My Artist Heroes series is a collections of collage boxes inspired by key artists who have creatively influenced Thomas Mann over the years. 
Artist Hero Series Box with Removeable Brooch - Marcel DUCHAMP   
Marcel the trickster artist, the intellectual raconteur, the master chess player, the mover and shaker of early 20th Century art think. Marcel invented the term and the work.....Readymades.
This was the ultimate realization of Joan Miro’s thought that....
“For me an object is something living. This cigarette or this box of matches contains a secret life much more intense than that of certain human beings. “

I don’t remember when I first encountered Marcel and his mysterious approach to art making but it certainly made a lasting impression on me. Again it’s all about the object and what that object can do in terms meaningfulness to you. I know it started with me taking apart the clocks that my dad would give my brother Todd and me to TAKE APART!

Marcel simply elevated that idea of an object, the usefulness of the object, the normal idea that most people would have of that object, and blew the seams apart conceptually to the point that object acquired a value beyond what anyone would ever have conceived would be possible.

Not only financially but more importantly...conceptually...even spiritually.
It is my belief that the objects that we create as artists have a deeply important mission of connecting the viewer or, in my case the wearer, to a larger, more infinite connection to the universe. Yeah I know this is kind of high falutin’ stuff...but I truly believe that the energy I imbue in the objects I create are ultimately exchanged for energy in the form of appreciation and monetary reward by the patron for those objects. The object in reality becomes a symbol
of that energy exchange.
When I sit down at the bench to make a piece I say a little prayer, a little chant, an expression of gratitude for the opportunity to do such a task, a work so that I am attuned to the induction of my creative energy in that piece.
I think Marcel got this in a big way and expressed in a very direct yet humorous manner in his readymades. But he was also an accomplished artist in other mediums like sculpture and painting. I am like him seeking to express myself in any medium I can and he is definitely one of my Heroes.

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