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Brooch Detail - Louise NEVELSON

Artist Hero Series Box - Louise NEVELSON

To read the complete artist statement, view the PDF. Visit the FACEBOOK event page for info about its appearance at Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.
My Artist Heroes series is a collections of collage boxes inspired by key artists who have creatively influenced Thomas Mann over the years. 
Artist Hero Series Box with Removeable Brooch -Louise NEVELSON 
Louise was a tough cookie! She had immigrated to America from Russia with her mother in the early years of the 1900’s. She went to high school and then married rich. Studied to become an artist while married which eventually dissolved. During the depression she and her son would forage the urban environment of New York for wood to burn to keep warm. This led directly to the use of that found material to create the first assemblages which she would either paint black or white. She went on to have an amazing carrer but like all of us struggled financially until late in that game. She became a example for me of what it took to pursue and artistic career model of the devotion required.
I first encountered her work in the Museum of Modern Art in the late 60’s and have been a fan ever since. To this day it’s hard for me to throw out any wooden object that might have use in a construction of any sort....but sometimes I have to burn them too.

Price: $3,500.00