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Brooch Detail - VERNE & H.G. WELLS

Artist Hero Series Box - Jules VERNE & H.G. WELLS

To read the complete artist statement, view the PDF. Visit the FACEBOOK event page for info about its appearance at Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.
My Artist Heroes series is a collections of collage boxes inspired by key artists who have creatively influenced Thomas Mann over the years. 
Artist Hero Series Box with Removeable Brooch - Jules VERNE & H.G. WELLS  
In my first semester at college in 1965, I signed up for what would be a course of pivotal influence. That class was the History of Film. I was inspired, mesmerized, astonished and then driven to learn all I could about making movies, which, inevitably led to me being the second major of the newly instituted Theatre Department.
Films such as The Battleship Potemkin, Charlie Chaplin and Charles Lloyd comedies and the films D.W. Griffith, Birth of a Nation, Way Down East, etc., revealed another realm in enticing and dramatic ways. But the one film that turned me on to an ongoing interest in science fiction was Georges Melies’ film... A Trip to the Moon, based on a the novel by Jules Verne, From Earth to the Moon and H.G. Well’s, First Men on the Moon. Here was the perfect combination of imagination and technology that would eventually inspire the development of my "Techno- Romantic" design system.
I read all the primary works of Verne and Wells. I started renting movies (film reels), bought an old non-working projector and fixed it and held film night parties in my off campus apartment. I rented the film reel version and viewed A Trip to the Moon numerous times, to the point that it became a permanent dream image resource...(and now you can watch it on YouTube!)
The look of Milies’ film and the illustrators of Well’s and Verne’s books, (especially as it pertains to the design of the interior of the space capsule) was obviously sourced by the designers of the interiors of transporters in the 1984 movie Dune, based on Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name. It’s hundreds of year in the future but the interior has Victorian rolled and pleated upholstery just as the Trip to the Moon capsule. This juxtaposition of time periods and design styles became the basis for my Techno-romantic@ vocabulary and also stimulated the whole Steam Punk movement, which I consider myself to be the Granddaddy of!
In this piece the image of the moon with the space capsule imbedded in its eye is taken directly for the Milies’ film and has become the iconic remembrance of that fantastic work. The brooch is a hybrid of the bullet shaped capsule and contains images of both of my artists (writer) heroes Jules VERNE and H.G. Wells

Price: $3,500.00