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Steve Lohman Nude #4 Wire Sculpture

Hand formed steel wire, paint.

6" w x  9" h


Look for more of Steve's wire sculptures in  Gallery I/O Artists Collection under Home Accessories.


About Steve Lohman:

A poor guitarist’s street performance,  a couple’s intimate conversation, a man’s moment of contemplation over coffee; each of these are examples of life’s parallel nuances that often occur simultaneuosly and without accredidation.  However, these are the moment’s that inspire the INSIGHT-FULL work of sculptor Steve Lohman.


Using steel and wire, Lohman takes a single line and creates 3 dimensional drawings in space.  Graceful and whimsical, his lyrical creations capture the subtleties of life and form in one line.  Before sketching and planning, Lohman can see the completed work in his mind, anticipating the  twists and turns of that line to create each sculpture.  


Over the past thrity years, Lohman has created works for public, private and corporate comiisions including Spalding International, Louis Vuitton Asia, Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Abbott Vascular Europe, The Boston Children’s Hospital, The Boston Symphony Celebrity Series, and Stanford University.


Lohman lives and works in New Orleans and Martha's Vineyard. He is the artistic director of Orpheus Wines in Sonoma California.

Price: $400.00