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studioFLUX™ Smart-Pliers Set
(SKU: SF/116)

Tom personally chose the pliers in this set to go with the project kits he uses when teaching hands-on workshops. He has tested these tools at his own workbench and recommends them as being a very "smart" combination of quality, price and functionality.  The ergonomically shaped yellow and black handled pliers are not available separately, as they are only sold in this money saving kit.

Pliers Kit contains:
Jewelers Needle Nose Plier for general purpose use;
Combination Round and Flat Nose Plier for bending and forming; Combination Half-Round and Flat Nose for holding and bending
curved objects;
Heavy Duty Parallel Jaw Pliers for holding items firmly;
Semi Flush Side Cutter for cutting wire.

Comes in a cool zippered pouch.
*High-carbon steel box-joint construction Professional sized pliers with ergonomically designed handles. Parallel jaws are smooth jawed for minimal marking of held objects.

Price: $45.00